Turf Prices Brisbane | Sunshine Coast | Gold Coast

Turf Prices Brisbane | Sunshine Coast |Gold Coast – Cheap turf – Weekday & Saturday deliveries available!

Looking for cheap turf ? We offer Brisbane’s best turf at great prices. Turf Prices Brisbane also include the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast – delivering 6 days a week

Turf prices Brisbane – Ph 0408 770 646 to order or contact us

Looking for cheap turf ? We offer Brisbane’s best turf at great prices. Turf Prices Brisbane also include the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast – delivering 6 days a week

DNA CERTIFIED SIR WALTER FROM $14.75m2 Tiftuf from $14.75m2 – Sir Grange from $21.90m2 – Nullarbor from $7.00m2 – Instant Greenscene offer great turf prices for the DIY landscaper on Queenslands most sought after turfs. Our ‘ Turf Prices Brisbane ‘ list details both pricing and lawn characteristics of select , locally grown turfs. Turf advertised on our ‘ turf prices Brisbane’ list are supplied by one of Queensland’s oldest turf farms, and if there’s one thing they know, it’s turf, so you’re guaranteed the freshest, healthiest turf for our Brisbane and South East Queensland climate. Need turf on the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast? We understand your soil and your climate, we only supply the best turf for South East Queensland.

Sir Walter Buffalo Brisbane | Sunshine Coast | Gold Coast

Sir Walter Buffalo – On sale! from $14.75 m2 – DNA Certified

Sir Walter Buffalo – SPECIAL – $14.75m2 minimum order 20m2

Sir Walter buffalo is a superior quality soft textured buffalo grass that is soft to touch underfoot with an unrivaled beauty.

If you looking at preventing mud from spreading through your new home then you need a quick instant lawn. Sir Walter is the perfect lawn for reducing dust, increasing cleanliness and is child and pet friendly. Sir Walter has a thick root system that will establish fast. As Sir Walter is a thick and spongy lawn, when wet (if in a healthy condition) it won’t get muddy and wear like common couch lawns. Sir Walter is the best lawn to use for dust suppression and erosion control in a shaded situation only requiring 3 hours full sun a day.

  • The Sir Walter buffalo has a thick vigorous root system which allows it to access moisture and nutrients in the soil very efficiently and it also allows it to tolerate heavy traffic areas and reduce weed infestation.
  • Sir Walter thrives in full sun however only requires 2-3 hours sunlight to survive making it one of the most shade tolerant turf varieties available.
  • It maintains color in winter more than couches
  • Sir Walter Turf is low in maintenance eg. less watering, mowing, fertilising etc.
  • It self repairs
  • A Sir Walter Lawn is herbicide tolerant.
  • It is frost tolerant and fungus resistant
  • Sir Walter Turf is an all year round grass that looks great and costs less time. It is an ideal grass for residential lawns, parks, commercial properties, schools and childcare centres and what’s more it is proudly Australian Owned.
  • Sir Walter is a Drought Resistant and Shade Tolerant Turf
  • Grows well in clay and sandy soils
Nullarbor Couch - Brisbane | Sunshine Coast | Gold Coast

Nullarbor Couch On Sale! $7.00m2

Nullarbor Couch Turf – SPECIAL – $7.00m2 minimum order 20m2

  • This is another fine leaf couch
  • Like all couch varieties, this turf requires full sun to survive. Anymore than 2-3 hours shade and it will die off
  • Rich Bright Green Colour
  • Fine Textured Leaf Couch
  • Well wearing for Children and Animals
  • Found to be fairly tolerable to most diseases
  • If you live in a frost affected area, the Nullarbor Couch will brown off, but will recover by applying fertilizer and water
  • Ideal couch for Parks, Sports Fields, Road Verges, Footpaths, Dam Walls, Residential Yards

Tiftuf On Sale! $14.75m2

Tiftuf – SPECIAL – $14.75 m2 minimum order 20m2

TifTuf – It’s fine leaf produces low compact growth that can be neatly manicured and will grow abundantly green with as little as 2-3 hours of direct sun. TifTuf is the ultimate lawn for home-owners wanting a stunning fine-leaf shade tolerant lawn that is both cost effective and as hardy as it sounds.

  • LOW MAINTENANCE – Tif Tuf is exceptionally drought tolerant and has great pest and weed resistance. These highly sought after traits are rarely seen in one grass variety alone.
  • DISEASE & PEST RESISTANT- TifTuf offers superior natural resistance to common weeds and pests seen to effect other grass varieties on the market.
  • A SHADE TOLERANT FINE LEAF – TifTuf  requires only 2-3 hours of direct sun per day. If you’re looking for a fine-leaf shade tolerant lawn that excels in all high performance criteria, being wear, drought, heat, weed, pest and disease resistant – then TifTuf is a great choice for your backyard!

Sir Grange – On Sale!$21.90

Sir Grange – SPECIAL – $21.90 m2 minimum order 20m2

  • THE ULTIMATE LUXURY LAWN – Sir Grange is as luxurious as it is practical! A fine leaf zoysia that grows laterally and vertically, it provides exceptional coverage unlike any other grass variety available in Australia. The most notable feature of this lawn is it’s low mowing requirements due to it’s trademark slow growth. When combined with superior drought tolerance and minimal need for fertiliser – Sir Grange is quite literally the most worry-free luxury lawn you could own.
  • Sir Grange is the front runner for low maintenance, requiring less water, less fertiliser, pest and weed control and less mowing than any other grass variety.
  • DISEASE & PEST RESISTANT – Sir Grange is naturally highly disease and pest tolerant. the only grass variety that offers the most natural resistance to turf diseases and pests. While not completely immune, it’s natural resilience is a high value trait for long term care and maintenance.
  • FULL SUN AND SHADE TOLERANT – Shade from trees, fences or structures won’t restrict the successful growth of a Sir Grange lawn, as it requires only 2-3 hours of direct sun per day.
  • DROUGHT TOLERANT – Sir Grange is equally drought tolerant as Sir Walter DNA Certified. This offers extra peace of mind throughout dry periods, knowing that your lawn will retain its plant health and fully recover once replenished. Drought tolerance is one of the major factors to consider when choosing a new lawn

Lawn Launcher – $46.40

Lawn Launcher – Water saving formula designed to designed to establish a newly laid lawn, covers up to 100m2

Deliveries available 6 days a week. $165 delivery charges apply to all orders. Phone 0408 770 646 to order or contact us online

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