Link Block Retaining Wall Brisbane

terraced link wall Brisbane
Brisbane Landscapers Instant Greenscene were engaged by a North Brisbane client to design and construct a durable retaining wall that would also direct flood water away from property structures. The retainer wall in question would incorporate over sixty meters of link wall with a varying retainer wall height. The wall was not to exceed one meter in height therefore avoiding additional council approvals. On commencement major excavation work was undertaken to shape the landscape area for works. Excess soil was relocated to form a raised garden area to assist with redirection of storm water. This photo shows landscape preparation works underway. On completion of excavation works, both structural footings and the first coarse of Boral soft split link wall blocks were laid. The footings for this work was a one hundred millimeter concrete footing with reinforcement rod installed in the footing. Accurate landscape levels were ascertained by laser level. Agg Drainage After our initial footings had sufficiently cured the retainer wall was constructed. One hundred millimeter socked agg pipe was installed behind the wall, along with drainage gravel to ensure no water pressure could build up behind and undermine the retaining walls structure. This photo depicts the agg drain being laid behind the wall. The retaining wall, being of varying heights was then terraced for aesthetic presentation. Numerous levels of garden areas were formed. Terracing this retaining wall added character to the garden areas, assisted with the direction of storm water and disguised the varying heights of the area. The following photos show terracing to both the side and rear areas of the structure. Simple, low maintenance, colour by foliage plants such as Liriope stripey white, Cycad Revoluta, Strelizia (Bird of Paradise), Dracena Song of India, Dracena Tri-colour / Colourama, Xanadu, Lomandra Hystrix and various Cordylines will grow to create a future vibrant garden with year round colour and… without the maintenance. For more samples of our works and other projects visit