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Retaining wall are a very common requirement for most home owners. Retainers can be a reasonable expense, so maximizing the life span of your investment is critical. On some sites it can be difficult to get reasonable access to remove deteriorated retaining walls, hence the importance of correctly selecting and constructing a durable retaining wall.

Retaining wall can be constructed using a range of different products. H4 treated timber sleeper walls and block walls are both popular selections.In most areas of south east Queensland walls can be constructed without council approval providing they do not exceed 1 meter in height.
Block walls being a concrete product have a longer service life (providing they are correctly installed). Blocks are available in several styles and finishes. one of the most common is link wall blocks. These are often selected above timber for there service life and there price efficiency verse other concrete block products. Many suppliers suggest a minimum requirement of a compacted road base / crusher dust base.  A solid concrete footing is our recommendation.

Timber or sleeper walls should always use h4 treated timber designed for in ground installation. Timbers suitable for retaining walls are usually hardwood or pine h4 treated sleepers in 50mm or 75mm depth (timber thickness). Timber selection and design of retaining walls should always be based on individual site requirements.

Consideration for back fill and drainage should never be over looked. Generally a minimum of agg drainage, socked preferably to prevent sediment entering and/or blocking drain and 200mm of drainage gravel between wall and soil being retained is required.  Any wall will only be as good as its foundations and drainage.

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