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Redcliffe Landscaping


We were called upon by our client seeking a reputable landscaper servicing Redcliffe. Our client was nearing completion of an extensive renovation project and was now  looking to complete a landscape transformation. Our clients requirements were for an open area, children’s play ground, additional car parking and most importantly a low maintenance landscape, based on a moderate budget where further improvements may be added later.

The existing landscape was overgrown and  littered in builders waste. Existing concrete slabs, waste soils and poor drainage levels falling towards the property were to be dealt with.

Our landscape preparation include bulk soil waste removal, ascertaining appropriate landscape levels, removing concrete waste and clearing existing tree stumps that were found during our landscape excavation / preparation works.

The scope of our landscape work was to include a paved garden border around the property line. A soft fall children”s play area, large turf lawn, additional car parking and automated drip irrigation for garden areas. While in this instance we were to create garden borders, our works didn’t include garden plants. Our clients intention was to use a form of non clumping bamboo for privacy / screening.

Our irrigation system was designed  with our clients plans and for the free draining sandy loam soil found on this site. Certified soft fall was selected for cubby house / playground area. Green couch was selected for its winter colour / lower light requirement and cost effectiveness for large areas. Soils were imported for turf underlay with a fertilizer and water crystal mix added to soil. Additional car park area / side access path were completed in a decorative gravel and were edged with paved borders.

The area was completed as scheduled. Our client was extremely satisfied with the landscape transform from concept to completion.