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paving and steppers - Brisbane landscaping
As a Brisbane landscaper undertaking all facets of landscape design and construction we are regularly called upon to design a landscape unique to our customers requirements. A recent landscape paving project in Brisbane’s outer suburbs is an example of an unique backyard landscape solution. Our clients property had been built with a sunken floor in the garage, minimizing driveway slope. The situation had created an area along side the property that had varying ground levels to consider in the landscape design. During our initial landscape consultation / quote, our qualified structural landscapers and horticulturist focus on our customers requirements. In this case our clients landscape requirements were for a utility area (washing line), a paved sitting area to utilize an unused area, drainage to solve water problems and an access path or paving around property. Our landscape design for this project  incorporated three levels. While this accounted for the unusual levels of this site, it also created an aesthetic landscape feature with three defined areas . Landscape areas included steppers to provide  access to clothes line. Retaining edges were used to step up to a solid paved sitting area. A further retaining edge was used to step up to a feature paved transit area . A creative landscape design using retaining edges to resolve uneven surfaces and to define landscape areas. Drainage problems were identified to be caused by poor levels of existing surface drains, poor location of surface drains, an air conditioning unit draining on ground, and an agg drain from rear of an existing retainer wall. Our landscape drainage solution included relocating drains (a laser level used to determine appropriate locations), correcting levels of surface drain, connecting air conditioner overflow to storm water, and connecting agg drain to storm water. Large format 400mm Pavers works were selected for this project. Pavers were laid on a combination of road base / sand footings and concrete footings. Sub surface drainage was added under paved sitting area. White decorative gravel was used to infill paver areas. A laser level was used to ascertain accurate levels for both paving and drainage. We would consider this imperative tool to accurately complete such a landscape project. This landscape project resolved drainage issue and created an aesthetic landscape area accommodating our clients requirements. Problem surface levels were used in a innovative way creating a feature to the area. For more information on our landscape services and project sample visit us at Instant Greenscene specialize in landscaping, irrigation and horticulture servicing Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast