Landscaping North lakes Murrumba Downs QLD

North Lakes Murrumba Downs has seen landscapers Instant Greenscene design and create a range of landscapes across this ever growing Brisbane suburb.


One of our most recent projects was to design and install an efficient automated irrigation system to maintain our clients landscape. The sprinkler system was to water all lawn and garden areas. Our clients being keen gardeners had numerous gardens throughout the property with varying water requirements. Garden areas included roses, annuals, perennials, established syzygium hedges (lilly pilly), cordylines, liriope, dietes and various other plants.

The landscape was divided into watering zones controlled by an automated hunter irrigation control unit. These zones were designed based on the individual gardens water requirements and included appropriated emitting devices. Drippers were used for roses, micro sprayers for annuals and perennials, and mini sprinklers for dense gardens. Lawns were dived into front and rear zones with mp rotors in pop up hunter sprinkler housings selected for these areas for there water efficiency & their slow application rate which ensures water penetrates surface without run off.

The system was fitted with a rain sensor ensuring automatic suspension of sprinkler operations in wet weather and was also connected through a rain water tank with automatic mains water top up when required.

This was an insight into one of the many Landscape services our qualified landscapers have provided in North Lakes Murrumba Downs. Instant Greenscene Landscaping has transformed the landscapes of many new and existing homes across Brisbane. Landscape designs include heritage landscapes, tropical landscapes, contemporary landscapes, even arid style landscapes. Our expert landscape services includes both soft and structural landscapes including: gardens, lawns, retaining walls, irrigation, lighting systems, privacy screens, paving, water features, drainage, rain water tanks and more.

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