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Landscaping a new house or existing property in Brisbane’s suburbs presents unique requirements. New communities such as North Lakes, and Warner Lakes are notorious for small block sizes, which can impact on landscape access. Brisbane’s high seasonal rainfall over the last few years have highlighted many overlooked landscape drainage issues. Please view our list of common landscape oversights.

As Professional Landscapers, Instant Greenscene landscaping recommend considering:

  • Landscape access – whether you require soft or structural landscaping, Brisbane is notorious for its shrinking size of residential blocks. Consider completing landscaping works (where possible) prior to being built in by surrounding properties. Good access for equipment can be a big cost saver.
  • Quality vs Price – The cheapest landscape materials may be the most costly in the long run. A timber retaining wall for example may be far cheaper than a block wall, however has a shorter service life expectancy. Additional costs would also be incurred in removing a failed or deteriorated retaining wall.
  • Consider structural landscaping and sub surface landscaping requirements before commencing aesthetic landscape finishes. Complete retaining walls, drainage, paving before moving on to the soft landscapes of lawns and gardens.
  • Never overlook the importance of landscape drainage. Poor drainage is not only an inconvenience to live with, but also risks structural damages to your property. Adding landscape drainage to a completed property is not only more expensive but may have a large impact on landscape works already completed.
  • Retaining walls need drainage too. Even a well built retaining wall can be undermined by inadequate drainage.
  • Work from the back to the Front. Completing front yard landscaping first may give you that wow – street appeal factor, but will be compromised when access is required for backyard landscaping.
  • Consider your requirements. Consider whether you want soft areas such as lawn or hard areas such as paving or decks. How much time you have to maintain your landscape may affect your decision as may the requirements of a young family.
  • Consider your landscape product- Both soft and hard landscape products vary greatly on many levels, lawns vary in there maintenance requirements as do blocks and pavers. Lighter colours can make an area appear larger, while darker colours require less cleaning.

Instant Greenscene Landscaping are qualified,QBCC licensed landscape and irrigation contractors servicing courtyard to commercial landscape requirements Between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Visit our website or contact us through our websites contact us page further landscape assistance.

Instant Greenscene, reputable landscapers servicing Brisbane north to the sunshine Coast specializing in all aspects of structural landscapes, horticulture and irrigation.


Landscaping Brisbane

Landscape Project Sample

 A past landscaping project undertaken in Brisbane’s inner suburb of Alderly presented narrow and tight access, a issue becoming more prominent with Brisbane and Sunshine Coast landscape projects. As seen by our landscape before and after pictures, the landscape works in this site were to be quite extensive given that there was no machine access.

Landscape works included terracing the backyard for aesthetics. This was to be created by manually shaping the existing surface, installing a Tasman GB block wall and importing top soil. A drainage issue from higher neighbouring properties was considered. A sub surface drainage system utilizing 100mm socked agg drain was installed along side and rear fence lines to minimize in flows. Two surface pits were also installed below retaining wall to cater for extensive rainfall periods common in South East Queensland’s storm season.

This landscape construction photo shows Instant Greenscene landscapers with landscape works underway. Laser levels are used constantly throughout the project ensuring accurate levels are attained for structural landscape and drainage works.

The aesthetic appeal of the landscape was created using 400mm pavers as steppers with a decorative gravel in fill. A paver border edged the path, gardens and lawn areas. Soft Sir Walter Buffalo was chosen for the lawn as it is ideal for children’s play, shade tolerant and has low water requirement.

A Balinese planting theme was selected to soften the straight lines used in the structural landscapes. Plant selections included MaCarthurii palm, various Cordylines, Song of India, Crotons, various Bromeliads, Liriope stripey whites and Xanadu. A hardy selection using colour foliage plants to create a low maintenance garden with year round colour.

Automated irrigation was installed to garden areas using a low flow micro irrigation system, with dual tank water and town water supply. Elegant stainless steel garden lighting complemented the project. These were used as up lights spaced along the centre of the path, with mini spot lights highlighting the garden features and subtle bollard lighting spaced around the garden borders.

Brisbane landscapers Instant Greenscene Landscaping designed this landscape as a low maintenance, modern style landscape with a Balinese influence. Instant Greenscene cater for all aspects of landscape from courtyards to commercial. Please consider Instant GreensceneLandscaping to create a sustainable landscape package.