Landscaping Brisbane – Decorative Screens

Landscaping Brisbane – Decorative screens. Add style and rich natural tones to your Landscape project with Oxy-Shield decorative laser-cut garden features.

Decorative Screens by Brisbane Landscapers Instant Greenscene – We recently installed these OXY-Shield decorative screens or landscape garden privacy screens into a North Brisbane landscape project at Stafford Heights.

OXY-Shield is a specially formulated landscaping steel designed to impart a decorative rust-look without the inherent degradation of regular steel.

Installing these laser cut decorative garden screens, in this case to black aluminium posts created a great backdrop and privacy feature screen to an existing Bromeliad garden. Previously we have used stained timber posts in conjunction with decorative screens which was also a great enhancement to the landscape setting.

With similar properties to stainless steel, OXY-Shield will oxidise and form a surface coating that is resistant to corrosion and flaking.
Develops a rich, earthy patina in weeks – its rustic tones blend effortlessly into any backyard or courtyard setting.