Garden Renovations and Garden makeovers

Garden renovations and garden makeovers

Garden renovations, garden makeovers and landscape renovations are a great way to improve and add value to your property.  At Instant Greenscene, we are focused on creating outdoor living spaces that are not only unique to your requirements but are sustainable, easy to maintain, and add value to your home. Whether your looking for professional landscape construction or your looking for some landscape ideas, advice and guidance to DIY, Instant Greenscene is here to assist.

Brisbane landscape Consulting & DIY Landscaping

Landscape budget

The following landscape price guide is for professional landscape works, DIY projects may save around 50%. Most Brisbane landscaping projects are going to be in the range of 5% to 15% of the property value. Generally horticultural based landscapes such as garden design including turf areas are likely to be in the range of 5%.
Landscapes where a moderate selection of structural elements are introduced in addition to soft landscapes may be 5-10%. Structural elements may include paving, retaining walls, decking, irrigation, lighting and drainage.
Landscapes with more extensive elements or larger areas of structural landscaping, 10% to 15% should be expected. Other influencing factors include site access, customers desired outcome and the actual size of your landscape works.

Landscaping, landscape renovations and return on investment

To achieve the best return on your landscape investment, consider the areas that matter most. 

  1. Street appeal – Street frontage and street appeal landscaping is an important area, and deserves a high proportion of your landscape budget. 
  2. Entertainment areas- Landscaping entertainment areas and their immediate surrounds along with street frontage (street appeal) deserves the biggest part of your landscape budget. These areas need to be functional, practical and aesthetically appealing.
  3. Utility areas- We consider areas such as clothes lines, side areas, shed areas as utility areas. These spaces need to be practical and aesthetic but would have the lowest budget allocation. 

DIY Landscaping

DIY landscaping can be extremely rewarding and save you money, though it is also common knowledge that failed DIY detract from property value. Instant Greenscene offer DIY landscape consulting to assist with landscape construction advice, landscape ideas and product information.

Professional landscaping

Instant Greenscene landscaping offer a range of structural landscaping, horticulture, irrigation and landscape drainage. Servicing Brisbane north to the Sunshine Coast since 1998. See our landscape consultation and quoting process for more information.

Consider a Hybrid Approach , its a combination of professional installation and do-it-yourself landscaping.

Most homeowners either can conquer much more or much less than they think they can. So you really need to think if you want to spend your next ten weekends breaking your back, or have someone help you.