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Brisbane landscapers Instant Greenscene utilize our sub tropical climate creating unique landscape garden settings. Garden paths Formal herb gardn - Brisbane garden designmeandering through tropical gardens, boardwalk decking passing over dry landscaped riverbeds, formal lighting to complement your garden or a contemporary design for that modern look. Instant Greenscene specialize in complete landscape design, concept to completion.

Site conditions and preparation are imperative in landscape garden design. Soil condition, drainage, climate, light and irrigation are essential factors that should influence actual plant selections and site preparation. Brisbane’s climate allows us to use a diverse range of plant species in our landscape design. Following is an insight into some of the species considered in our designs.

Tropical gardens with low maintenance year round colour are ideal back yard gardens for those who like to bring colour to Tropical garden design- Brisbane landscaping projecttheir gardens without high maintenance. Deep reds and purples of the cordyline, multi colours of the crotons, small clumping palms for screening, the unique structures of dracenas. These are popular selections for mid story plant selections. Various understory plantings such as liriope stripey whites, xanadu, liriope evergreen giant, stralizea (bird of paradise), bromeliads are examples of understory tropical plantings.

Landscaping Brisbane - formal garden designFormal gardens commonly involve hedges or shaped plants and are therefore considered higher maintenance. Plants commonly used in Brisbane for hedging and shaping are murrayas, various species of syzygiums (lilly pilly) and acmeneas, austramyrtus blushing beauty, gardenias, buxus. Other species less commonly used now include duranta gold and alternanthera. These were often used as a two stage hedge for there colour contrast (purple & yellow)

Contemporary designs commonly incorporate a more structured or feature plants. Selections include cordyline red sensation for it strapey foliage, yuccas, agave’s and dracenas for there unique structure . Australian native grass trees, pandanus (particularly coastal) and various grasses are also common selections. Palms such as red latains, bismarkias, ponytail, dwarf dates and canary island date work well as  a bold statement and feature.

Native gardens may include various grevilleas, callistemons and  banksia,(for bird attracting & colour). Grasses such as lomandras and dianellas  are extremely tolerant of climate changes, dietes are popular in various forms for there flower. Many planting used by council and revegetation groups are now being  included in the urban landscape design. Lophostemons, eleocarpus, bunkinghamia, waterhousia, cupaniopsis, harpulia, schotia, xanthostemons are used extensively as shade trees. Native cycads like leprozamia, macrozamia give a dramatic effect to a native setting amongst xanthorea grass trees and other native shrubs.

Coastal plantings-Salt hardy planting of westringia, myoporum, coconut palms, pandanus, and new varieties of lomandra and dietes show tolerance  in coastal areas on the sunshine coast and gold coast where they are exposed to the prevailing winds and adverse conditions.

Instant Greenscene specialize in all aspects of landscape design and construction. Our landscape service includes Surface and sub surface landscape preparation, garden design, retaining walls, paving, drainage, garden lighting, timber screens, decking and more. A full profile of our works, services and licenses is available at

Instant Greenscene services Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast.