Landscaping Brisbane – Frequently asked Questions


Q. How much does landscaping cost in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast?

→ As an indication, most Brisbane landscaping projects, including the Sunshine Coast, cost in the vicinity of 5% to 15% of the property value. Generally horticultural based landscapes such as garden design including turf areas are likely to be in the range of 5%.
Landscapes where a moderate selection of structural elements are introduced in addition to soft landscapes may be 5-10%. Structural elements may include paving, retaining walls, decking, irrigation, lighting and drainage.
Landscapes with more extensive elements or larger areas of structural landscaping, 10% to 15% should be expected. Other influencing factors include site access, customers desired outcome and the actual size of your landscape works.


Q.What is structural landscaping?

→ Structural landscaping involves the design and construction of hardscape features such as paving, retaining walls, decks, feature screens and other permanent elements in your outdoor space. These features provide functional and aesthetic enhancements to your landscape.


Q. What is soft landscaping?

→ Soft landscaping focuses on the living components of your outdoor space. It includes the the design, selection and installation of plants / garden design and turf. It also includes the preparation and finish elements such as soils and mulch.


Q. What is landscape drainage?

→ Landscape drainage refers to the management of stormwater or soden areas in your outdoor living space. It involves the installation of drainage systems and techniques such as site profiling to control the movement of stormwater. These will  prevent issues such as flooding, erosion, and water pooling. Proper drainage ensures a healthy and functional landscape.


Q. What is irrigation in landscaping?

→ Domestic irrigation is the process of supplying water to your garden and lawn areas in a controlled manner. In modern landscapes, It involves the installation of an automated sprinkler system that efficiently delivers water to areas required. A range of emitting devices are available that deliver water directly to the root zone. Rain sensors and other weather sensors ensure automatic system cycles are disrupted during adverse weather.


Q. What is garden lighting? What are the benefits?

→ Garden lighting refers to the strategic placement of lights to illuminate your outdoor space during the evening. It enhances the ambiance, safety, and security of your landscape. Garden lighting can highlight architectural features, pathways, plants, and other focal points, creating a visually appealing environment.


Q. Do you offer DIY landscaping assistance ?

→ Yes, we offer onsite DIY landscaping consultations to assist the DIY landscaper. Our service can assist with design, material selection or installation methods for any element of landscaping. The required level of assistance will vary depending on the competency of the DIY landscaper. The process of our onsite consultation will be adapted to meet your individual requirements.
You may also consider a Hybrid Approach , its a combination of professional installation and do-it-yourself landscaping. Most homeowners either can conquer much more or much less than they think they can. So you really need to think if you want to spend your next ten weekends breaking your back, or have someone help you.


Q. How much time will it take to maintain my new landscaping?

→ This is something we discuss during the initial landscape design consultation. These days, people tend to be time poor and low maintenance landscapes are now a very common design request. Our landscapes are individually designed to meet your needs, and lifestyle.  We have options available to suit just about anyone’s hectic schedule.

Q. Landscaping and fire ants, can we still complete landscape works?


→ Much of Brisbane is now within a fire ant zone. While it does create some complications with transporting materials and waste, providing you follow current requirements, landscaping works can still proceed. Latest information available here 

Q: Why should I hire a professional landscaper?


→ Hiring a professional landscaper offers several advantages. They possess expertise in landscape design, construction, plant selection, and maintenance, ensuring a great result. Unfortunately, the industry has many fly by night operators. New garden care operators often use the word landscaping but with only basic garden tidy up skills. Landscaping is a large investments, ensure you are using an industry professional.


Q: How can I choose the right landscaper for my project?

→ When selecting a landscaper, consider their experience, qualifications, and portfolio of previous work. Read reviews and check QBCC licencing. Ensure the landscaper understands your requirements, communicates effectively, and provides detailed pricing and contracts in line with the QBCC requirements


Q. Why choose Instant Greenscene Landscaping to complete my works?

→ Instant Greenscene are industry experts and offer impeccable quality and craftsmanship in landscape construction. We offer a diverse range of specialties all built ‘in house’ and not sub contracted out. These include structural landscapes, garden design, landscape drainage, irrigation and lighting. We hold QBBC, QLD Plumbers & Drainers Board (irrigation) licenses and are insured for public liability.  Servicing Brisbane north to the Sunshine Coast since 1998.

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