Brisbane landscapers – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does landscaping cost?

→ This is a common question we come across as Brisbane landscapers. Landscaping costs vary greatly. Things that influence landscape pricing are site access, customers desired outcome and the actual size of your landscape works. As a guide, between 5% and 15%  of property value is spent on landscaping. At what end of the scale fits your property of course depends on your property size, its location and your desired outcome. Having an indicative budget can assist us to guide you through the landscape design process to create a suitable outcome for your site, your family and your budget.

Q. Can we use irrigation systems in Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast to water our lawn and gardens?

Irrigation & sprinkler systems can now be used in South East Queensland providing they meet the QWC effecient irrigation system guidelines. However. with utility costs rising it is now more important than ever to ensure your irrigation system is operating efficiently. Hunter, Rainbird, Wheathermatic, Irritol, Toro, Netafin, Onga, Grundfos, now manufacture a range of products we utilize to ensure maximum water efficiency.

Q. What is better for a retaining wall, timber sleepers or blocks?

→ H4 treated timber is approved for in ground use and has a reasonable service life, however block walls are more durable having a greater life expectancy. This is based on suitable footings & good drainage. Blocks come in a wide range of colours, sizes and styles to create a more aesthetic landscape. Common styles of retainers walls to consider are timber sleep retaining walls, link wall or link block retaining walls.

Q. Is it difficult (DIY) to build a level retainer wall on sloping sites ?

→ It can be difficult to keep good levels on falling sites using only a string lines and spirit level, in particular over long distance and with retaining blocks. Ideally a laser level, excavation machinery, solid footings, good drainage and experienced landscapers are ideal in this situation. Alternatively see our DIY landscaping for project consulting.

Q. How much time will it take to maintain my new landscaping?

→ This is something we discuss during the initial landscape design consultation. These days people are tending to me more time poor, and rightfully our landscapes are designed with this consideration in mind. A suitable and sustainable landscape solution can be created to meet just about anyone’s hectic schedule.

Q. What type of turf should I use?

→ Turf should be selected based on its requirements. Some turfs like Sir Walter Buffalo and Tiftuf are selected for there ability to take full sun , right down to only 2-3 hours light. Along with their lower water and fertiliser requirements and improved disease and pest resistance compared to other lawns , they are great choices. However Sometimes a more cost effective option such as Nullarbor Couch is required.  Other considerations like trafficking from kids and animals and site drainage should also be considered when choosing your turf. Consider our landscape consulting service for professional advice.

Q. Should I have a go at landscaping myself?

→ Many clients enlist our services only after failed DIY landscaping. Based on the evidence we have been presented, poor product selection, lack of preparation, and poor design often result from DIY landscapers . Employing the expertise of a licensed landscape contractor or Alternatively see our DIY Landscaping for project consulting is recommended.

Q. Should I connect storm water pits to my house storm water drains?

→ The simple answer to this is no. Most houses are designed only to take water of the designed roof surface. Ground water drainage should always be independent.

Q. What size rainwater tank do I need?

→ Consideration should be given to your watering requirements, location of rainwater tank remembering to check council requirements, and catchment area. 1mm of rainfall will produce 1 litre of water per square metre of catchment. Dual water (tank & mains) may also be a consideration.

Q. Should I pave or concrete?

→ While concrete certainly has its benefits, pavers give a more aesthetic finish to a landscape area. Pavers area available in range of colours, texture, styles and sizes. Larger format, 400mm and 500mm pavers have become increasingly popular with modern and contemporary landscape designs. Pavers are also commonly used for garden borders and edges for their straight line finish which is widely desired in modern landscape construction. See our Gardens and Pavers page for ideas

Q. Why choose Instant Greenscene Landscaping and Irrigation to complete my works?

Instant Greenscene has a diverse range of qualified specialist, rarely found in a small landscape operation. These include structural landscapers, garden designers, licensed irrigation plumber. We hold QBBC, QLD Plumbers & Drainers Board (irrigation) licenses and insured for public liability. Above all we take pride in our work.

Q. Payment options

Brisbane landscapers Instant Greenscene, offer a range of landscaping payment options for our landscaping , DIY landscape consulting and landscape design consultations.

  1. Cash
  2. Bank Cheque
  3. Visa card **fees apply
  4. Mastercard **fees apply
  5. Debit Card **fees apply to credit

Brisbane landscaping payment options credit card mastercard visa debit card

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