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Brisbane – Sunshine Coast Retaining Wall Price Guide

Retaining Wall Price Guide – Updated November 2019

Retaining wall price guide for retainer walls up to 1m in height. Instant Greenscene Landscaping service Brisbane north to the Sunshine Coast and offer a comprehensive range of landscaping services including retaining walls. Prices are indicative only.


  • H4 treated timber sleeper retaining wall start at $300 per meter






  • Link block retaining wall and concrete sleeper retaining walls start at $450 per meter






Site access / site preparation 

Good site access is a major factor in the cost associated in the construction of retaining walls. 

Generally a mini excavator and other small earth moving equipment will be  required to prepare the area for installation of the retaining wall. This equipment  will generally be used throughout the retaining wall construction for site preparation, waste removal and installation of the drainage gravel. 

While manual labour can be utilized where machine access is limited, a much higher construction cost should be expected.

Retaining walls – other considerations

Durability should be the primary consideration for the construction of retaining walls. A well constructed retaining wall will stand for decades to come.

Concrete products such as block or sleeper retainers are the most durable products available. These products, in conjunction with well prepared foundations and adequate drainage, will see the retaining wall stand the test of time.

See our retaining wall gallery for more information. 

The information and pricing contained in this article is indicative only. Prices exclude GST, removal of existing walls, site excavation / preparation. Required drainage and back fill is also excluded. Indicative price is for average site / soil conditions with reasonable access. Minimum works charges apply for minor works. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, Instant Greenscene Landscaping accepts no responsibility for any error or omission.

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Our professional Landscape team can also be engaged for specialty landscape / irrigation works including:

  • Structural landscaping including drainage, paving, retaining
  • Soft Landscaping including garden design and establishment.
  • Irrigation including design, installation and servicing of automatic pop up lawn and garden sprinkler systems.