Our Landscape Design Solutions

Landscape design solutions offered by our Brisbane landscaping team servicing north Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast

Our Brisbane landscaping team pride ourselves on professionalism. Our landscaping Team consists of structural landscapers, a licensed irrigation plumber, and experienced landscape garden designers, all of whom hold blue cards for WHS. Together we focus on sustainable landscape solutions. We create aesthetic landscapes that suit your lifestyle and our changing environment.

A range of our Landscape Design Solutions:


Our irrigation and sprinkler systems are designed utilizing the latest in water emitting technology delivering the most sustainable and water efficient irrigation sprinkler system available. Our automated systems can operate from tank, main or dual water connections. Products range from sub-surface irrigation to rotational impact sprinklers. Rain and moisture sensors can be fitted to these units to maximise efficiency.

We also cater for irrigation and sprinkler system service, repairs and upgrades. Along with our Brisbane landscaping service, we operate from Brisbane north to the Sunshine Coast .


Our Brisbane landscaping service offers surface and sub-surface drainage solutions. These are designed individually for specific site requirements. Drainage may include drainage pits, drainage channels and AG drains (socked as to reduce penetration of sediment). Drainage solutions should always be considered during landscape construction and site preparation as to minimize future costs. Connecting storm water pits to existing house storm water should always be avoided and direct connection to street kerb is always preferred.


We cater for a vast range of timber structures, including batten privacy and feature screens, boardwalk style decking and cubby or play houses. All timber works are built to the highest structural standards. Great care is taken with select timbers to ensure the best result. Generally kwila is used on screens and decks for its aesthetic finish and cedar or losp pine is used for children’s play houses for safety. Galvanised or stainless steel fixings are used to ensure the longevity of the structure. A range of timber oils and stains are used to complete the project.


All our pavers are laid onto structurally prepared surfaces for long term durability. Pavers are available in a large range of colours, styles and textures. Larger pavers are commonly used in modern contemporary designs. Both as solid paving in alfresco settings and as stepper with decorative gravel surrounds. Paved areas commonly use contrasting colours and by using pavers as garden borders and edges can ‘tie an area together.’


Retainers are available as h4 treated sleeper timber retaining walls or various styles of block and link block retaining walls. Careful consideration of structural footings, along with appropriate drainage materials and back filling for retaining walls, ensures long term durability. Our services are for retaining walls up to 1 metre in height, above this engineer reports and council approvals are required.


We offer unique designer water features and structures or installation of prefabricated designs. There is an array of product options available to complement your landscape, including automated feature lighting. Lighting is available for gardens, ponds, water features and structures. Garden lighting includes mini spot lights for features, up lights to border paths and decks, auto light sensor that can operate dusk to dawn or dusk for 2-4-8 hours. Our lighting systems are low voltage and with the introduction of LED options are more energy efficient than ever.


Our Landscape garden designers have access to a vast range of plant stock from tubes to ex ground trees. With extensive industry experience we have the knowledge to guide you through the process of plant selection. This will ensuring a garden setting that is unique to your lifestyle and requirements. Low maintenance, foliage colour, privacy and structurally featured plants for presentation are common desires. This along with site factors and surrounding setting will be considered during design.


We have decking solutions to compliment your existing landscape or incorporate them within your new landscape design.

Landscape decking, often in close proximity to the ground often presents other problems. Considerations should be given to termite prevention along with drainage. See our specialized range of low level decking solutions. Great for decking pool surrounds or decking alfresco areas.


Our commercial landscaping services include a full range of both structural and soft landscapes. Our focus is to create a landscape solution that is practical for our clients, has low maintenance requirements and aesthetically presents our client’s site.