Landscape process – concept to completion

Landscape process - existing landscape
Landscape process – During our initial consultation we were presented with a staff recreation area.

The existing area was deteriorated by constant foot traffic and the seating area that was covered by a large shade sail had seen the area become muddy under foot.

Brisbane Landscaping - concept to completionIn this instance a basic landscape plan had been prepared by our client. This consisted of a large paver area, new garden edges, an entrance path and a new lawn area.

We found our client’s paver choice was beyond their indicative budget and their suggested curved lines was not only impractical to the desired end use of the area but would also detract from its aesthetic finish.


With consideration of our clients requirements and project budget, a quotation was tendered based on a more suitable version of our client’s original plan.

  • Garden edges were to use straight lines to create a more contemporary setting and to better utilize space.
  • Paver selection was modified to be more cost effective, harder wearing and darker colours were selected due to the work nature of the area.
  • Sir Walter Buffalo turf was selected for its hard wearing characteristics.

Landscape process - landscape under construction - BrisbaneSite preparation is the foundation to good landscaping. Prior to
construction, levels were determined to ensure adequate drainage for paver surfaces. Paving surfaces were compacted and prepared for paving, turf underlay was imported and all waste materials were cleared from site. Paved garden edges were installed on concrete footings to ensure long term durability. Pavers and steppers were laid and haunched. Final levels and preparation for turf were undertaken.

Landscape process - project completionUnder turf fertiliser and water crystals was spread over the prepared surface. Sir Walter Buffalo was laid to the area. Area was well watered and turf rolled to ensure good soil contact and a level surface. Final finishes and cleaning of paver surfaces were completed and work areas were cleaned and prepared for presentation. A final consultation with our client outlined the care and maintenance requirements for the ongoing presentation of the area.

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