Retaining Walls Brisbane northside to the Sunshine Coast

Landscapers Instant Greenscene are your trusted partner for constructing durable and sustainable retaining walls. Servicing Brisbane’s northside and the Sunshine Coast, Instant Greenscene offer a range of retaining wall options up to one metre in height. Whether you are looking for a robust structure to prevent soil erosion or create level spaces on your property, our expert team offer solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Retaining Wall options by Instant Greenscene – Brisbane northside to the Sunshine Coast

Retaining walls are design to protect from soil erosion and retain site cuts. These are common in the building process. Instant Greenscene offer durable retaining walls utilising a range of products. Each wall is designed individually and takes into account the requirements specific to that site.

Dry stack retaining walls

A range of durable and sustainable dry stack retaining wall products are available. Link block retaining walls are some of the most cost effective dry stack options, though lack the aesthetic appearance of some of the latest available products. Trendstone by Apex masonry, Heron by Austral masonry along with Natural Impressions and Modernstone by Adbri masonry make up some of the most desired products on the market.

Concrete sleeper retaining walls

Concrete sleeper retaining walls again are another product known for their durability. Available as plain concrete, wood grain or block pattern to suit your individual requirements. Support posts are galvanised steel to ensure a long term sustainable product.

Timber retaining walls

Timber retaining walls are manufactured from a range of timbers including hardwood and pine. Generally treated to a h4 standard, suitable for use in ground. These retaining walls are the most cost effective option available though are also the least durable. 

Retaining wall footings and drainage

Beyond selecting your retaining wall construction material, there are many other considerations to ensure your chosen retaining product is both durable and practical. Consideration to retaining wall drainage, footings and backfill materials is imperative. 

Retaining wall footings

Appropriate structural footings are a vital part of the retaining wall construction. Specific site and ground conditions should be considered in the structural design of each individual retaining wall. Existing soils may not be suitable for back fill and imported material may be required.  Overlooking foundations, backfill and drainage elements will likely result in product failure.

Retaining wall drainage

Drainage is imperative to the long term durability of a retaining wall. Profiling of landscapes to direct overland flow away from retaining walls is recommended. Subsurface drainage to alleviate pressure behind retaining walls should not be overlooked.

Heavy sub tropical rains, combined with insufficient structural footings, lack of landscape drainage and poor retaining wall back fill materials is a recipe for failure.

Retaining Walls – Other considerations

Other practical considerations may be required. Access steps or garden stairs may be needed. Any gardens or plantings surrounding the retaining wall should be carefully considered as to ensure they are not placing unnecessary load onto the retaining wall.

Garden steps – Garden stairs

Retaining wall steps | Garden steps are commonly required, both in conjunction with retaining walls and as a stand alone feature. Stairs or steps can be much more complicated than most realise. Maximum and minimum step heights, tread depth and platforms are just some of the requirements that must be considered under the Australian Building Code. Our gallery highlights a range of garden steps or garden stair cases custom built utilising a variety of materials and finishes. Garden steps, while being a practical solution, can also be a great aesthetic feature in your landscape.


Planting of any large plants in close proximity to the retaining wall should be avoided. As a general guide, only smaller ornamental plants should be withing 1.5 meters of the retaining wall. Small screening bushes or shrubs without invasive roots, will generally be ok 1.5 meters from the retaining wall. Larger plants or invasive plants should be avoided.

Retaining walls by landscapers Instant Greenscene

We understand the key to a durable retaining wall lies in both the product and the installation. At Instant Greenscene, we offer 25 years experience in both products and installation.

Our consultation process has been designed to outline the durability or limitations of the chosen product. Our meticulous attention to details ensures appropriate footings and drainage is used to meet the requirements specific to your site.


   Contact Instant Greenscene to discuss your requirements further or to book an initial landscape consultation.

Our Specialist landscaping team service Brisbane north to the Sunshine Coast and offer a complete range of landscaping services including paving, retaining walls, landscape drainagegarden lighting,  garden designirrigation, water features, deckingscreens, timber structures and fences.  See our before and after landscape transformations

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