Drainage Brisbane – Drainage Sunshine Coast

Drainage Brisbane – Drainage Sunshine Coast – Experiencing landscape drainage issues in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast? Flooding issue or soggy areas? Instant Greenscene landscaping offer a range of landscape drainage solutions including sub surface agg drainage, storm water pits and other landscape scenarios to assist with drainage problems.


Drainage Brisbane – Drainage Sunshine Coast – our Solutions

First of all, there are three main ways we deal with landscape storm water / drainage or flood water issues, these are

Landscape Drainage Solutions

Landscape drainage,  is generally shaping of landscapes as to fall or direct storm water or flood waters away from the problem area. This can commonly be done with a swale drain, spoon drain or a shaped river bed, doubling as an aesthetic dry river bed in drier times. As landscapers we can, in most cases, design a solution that does not detract from the aesthetics of the landscapes. These solutions are most commonly used for dealing with vast quantities of storm water we commonly experience in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Surface Drainage- Storm Water Pits

Surface drainage pits are ideal for dealing with moderate storm water run off. These pits are available in a range of sizes. In addition to this, storm channel drains are also available. In most cases, the storm water pits and channels should never be connected to a properties existing storm water system, which in moderate to heavy rain events are generally already at or beyond the systems capabilities.

Agg Drainage

Agg drainage systems are ideal for collecting residual water below ground. These, providing installed correctly, can reduce soggy spots in lawns. Agg drainage systems are also commonly used behind retaining wall to remove water build up and reduce pressure on retaining walls