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Decks Brisbane – Decks Sunshine Coast. Brisbane Landscapers Instant Greenscene Landscaping offer decking solutions to compliment your existing landscape or incorporate them within your new landscape design.

Landscape decking, often in close proximity to the ground often presents other problems. Considerations should be given to termite prevention along with drainage. See our specialized range of low level decking solutions. Great for decking pool surrounds or decking alfresco areas.

Our Specialist landscaping team service Brisbane north to the Sunshine Coast and offer a complete range of landscaping services including pavingretaining wallslandscape drainagegarden lighting,  garden designirrigationWater featuresDeckingscreens, timber structures and fences.  See our before and after landscape transformations


Decks Brisbane | Decks sunshine coast – Options and considerations

  • Decking is available in a range of timbers, most popular is Merbau which is popular for is hard wearing characteristics and natural timber colour. Pine is often used as a lower cost alternative. Pine does not have the same durability as merbau nor does it have the rich natural timber appearance of merbau. Composite decking products are also available.
  • If pooling water is likely to be an issue, drainage should be considered during decking construction. There are various options to most effectively deal with water problems, these should be selected according to site conditions.
  • During decking construction, consideration should be given to material selection and installation methods in regards to termite activity.
  • Decking finishes are essential to protect your deck and to ensure it is around for many years to come. Options include various decking oils and stains. Each product has there pros and cons in relation to ongoing maintenance and aesthetics.
  • Deck lighting is a great way to finish your deck. Stainless steel fittings are a day time feature but obviously come to life highlighting your deck at night

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