Irrigation Brisbane – Irrigation Sunshine Coast 

Irrigation Brisbane | Irrigation Sunshine Coast | Sprinkler systems by Instant Greenscene Landscaping – Our automated systems save you time, water and keep keep your lawns and gardens green and healthy all year round. Whether you’re requirements are as homeowner, a gardening enthusiast, or for a commercial application, we have the perfect irrigation solution.

Our irrigation, aka sprinkler systems, are available as both surface and sub surface irrigation designs. A range of emitters including drip lines , pop up emitters and fixed risers will be considered upon our site inspection. Further features and options such as multi zone controllers, rain sensors and moisture sensors ensure our systems are most efficient.

All irrigations systems by Instant Greenscene are designed in conjunction with a pressure and flow test. This along with our extensive horticultural knowledge will guide our design and product selection to ensure an optimal system for your site.

Irrigation servicing and system report from $440. | Automatic single zone irrigation systems from $2200. | Multi zone systems from $5500. | Pressure booster pumps also available

We can assist with all your landscape requirements 

Irrigation Brisbane – Irrigation Sunshine Coast – Irrigation System options

Maintaining your outdoor space can be a challenge, especially in areas with unpredictable weather patterns like Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. That’s where our irrigation sprinkler systems come to the rescue.

Benefits of automated irrigation systems

  • Efficient Watering: Our irrigation sprinkler systems are designed to deliver water precisely and efficiently to your plants and lawns, minimising wastage and saving you money on your water bills.
  • Time-Saving: With automation and programmable settings, you can set your sprinklers to water your lawn and garden at specific times and days.
  • Consistent Coverage: Our sprinkler systems ensure consistent coverage across your entire property, eliminating dry patches and ensuring that every plant receives the right amount of water.
  • Customisation: We understand that every garden is unique. Our options include a wide range of sprinkler heads, nozzles, and irrigation zone options. This allows your system to be tailor made to the specific needs of your landscape.
  • Water Conservation: Our irrigation systems are designed with water conservation in mind. Hence we offer smart technologies such as rain sensors and soil moisture sensors that detect when watering is unnecessary. These features will prevent overwatering and reducing water waste.

Our Range of Irrigation Sprinkler Systems

  • Pop-Up Sprinkler Systems: These versatile systems feature retractable sprinkler heads that pop up when activated and retract when not in use. They provide a seamless and unobtrusive appearance for your lawn.
  • Drip Irrigation Systems: For targeted watering, drip irrigation systems deliver water directly to the root zone. This form of irrigation is great for reducing water consumption and ideal where vandalism is an issue.
  • Rotary Sprinkler Systems: These systems utilise rotating heads that distribute water in a circular pattern and offer a set arc. Ideal for covering larger areas with ease. They are excellent for larger residential properties and open spaces, ensuring thorough and even watering.
  • Smart Irrigation Systems: For those seeking the latest in irrigation technology, we offer smart irrigation systems. These systems integrate weather data, soil moisture sensors, and mobile apps. They also allow you to control and monitor your sprinklers remotely, ensuring optimal watering based on real-time conditions.
  • Mini Sprinklers- These systems offer effecient water of medium garden areas. They offer a larger droplet than micro or misting sprinklers, ideal for denser gardens.
  • Micro Sprayers – Ideal for small garden areas. Heads are available in a range of set arcs including 90, 180 and 360 degrees.
  • Misters – Theses sprinklers are most commonly used for shade or green houses.

Why Choose Instant Greenscene Landscaping

  • Expertise: With 25 years of experience, we have extensive knowledge and expertise in designing, installing, and maintaining irrigation systems. Our experience and qualifications extend far beyond irrigation plumbing with diverse range of structural landscaping and horticultural knowledge.
  • Quality Products: We use trusted brands such as Hunter and Rainbird who provide high-quality, durable, and efficient sprinkler system components.
  • Custom Solutions: We understand that every property is different. Our team will work closely with you to assess the specific site and horticultural requirements of your property. Our system will be designed around these requirements and in conjunction with a water pressure and flow test.
  • Professional Installation: Our team will handle the installation process efficiently and with attention to detail, ensuring that your sprinkler system is installed correctly and functions optimally from day one.
  • Maintenance and Support: Instant Greenscene offer ongoing maintenance services to keep your irrigation system in top condition.

In addition to our Brisbane irrigation and Sunshine coast irrigation services, our specialist landscaping team service offer a complete range of landscaping services including pavingretaining wallslandscape drainagegarden lighting,  garden designirrigation, water features, deckingscreens, timber structures and fences.  See our before and after landscape transformations.