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Landscapers Brisbane – Transforming outdoor Spaces from North Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast.

Discover the excellence of Instant Greenscene, your local family owned landscaping experts. Fully insured and licensed, we have been enhancing landscapes on Brisbane’s northside and the Sunshine Coast since 1998, providing unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

Landscape Design Brisbane

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Landscape Design Brisbane – From initial consultation to the realization of your vision, Instant Greenscene is your partner in the entire landscaping journey. Our expertise spans landscape design, consultation, and seamless construction, turning your dreams into outdoor havens.

Drawing on over 25 years of industry experience, Instant Greenscene creates distinctive, sustainable, and low-maintenance outdoor spaces tailored to your specifications.

Landscape Construction Brisbane

Immerse yourself in the expertise of landscape construction in Brisbane with Instant Greenscene. Our boutique team, working exclusively in-house, ensures top-notch quality that distinguishes our Brisbane Landscaping company. Our client-centric approach is a guarantee of satisfaction.

Since 1998, Instant Greenscene has been committed to conducting all work in-house, avoiding subcontracting and upholding a dedication to quality craftsmanship. Partner with us to bring your outdoor vision to life.

Landscaping Quotes Brisbane north to the Sunshine Coast

We are industry experts in every aspect of landscaping. Due to the complex nature of landscape design, it takes time, knowledge and careful planning before we can make the earth move… At Instant Greenscene we offer a comprehensive landscape consultation process. This is the beginning of our landscape design service.

Our onsite landscape consultations will provide you with honest, expert landscape advise. Consultations will focus on landscape ideas, material selection and project budget , all tailored to your individual requirement.

Offsite we will prepare a written, fully inclusive landscape quote. In addition, we will provide sample images of similar landscape projects, landscape products and other relevant information to assist in visualising the proposed landscape works.

We also offer an optional concept plan in addition to our written landscaping Quote. See our LANDSCAPE QUOTES & CONSULTATIONS PAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION.


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Onsite Landscape Consultations from $440


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Garden Design & Paving

Landscape Gardeners Brisbane – Crafting resilient, easy-to-care-for landscape gardens tailored to Brisbane’s subtropical climate is our expertise. Rely on our local team to design and pave your outdoor space, ensuring a durable and enjoyable environment that stands the test of time.

Irrigation Excellence – Automated sprinkler systems.

Empower your garden’s self-care routine with a state-of-the-art automated irrigation system crafted by our dedicated Brisbane irrigation experts. Each irrigation system is meticulously tailored to your site, factoring in the unique water pressure and flow. Our systems can also feature advanced elements like rain and moisture sensors, ensuring optimal efficiency. 


Retaining Walls

Explore the durability of our robust retaining walls or garden walls crafted from timber or concrete sleepers. We also provide an array of block products, including link blocks and various drystack options. Our dedicated team meticulously attends to structural footings, ensures proper drainage, and backfilling, all geared towards ensuring the long-term durability of your garden retaining wall.

Water Features

Explore a variety of uniquely crafted water features, available as custom designs or prefabricated options that can be creatively integrated into your landscape setting.

Landscaping Brisbane

Landscape Design Brisbane– Landscape before and after images. Thinking about a new landscape design? Give Instant Greenscene a call – we have been proudly landscaping Brisbane north since 1998.

Fences | Gates | Screens

Instant Greenscene provides a selection of decorative garden privacy screens, aluminum gates, fencing, landscape features, and garden structures. Each is uniquely designed to meet your specific requirements.

Decking Solutions

Elevate your outdoor spaces with decking solutions from Brisbane landscapers, Instant Greenscene. Ideal for alfresco areas, pool surrounds, or entrance/portico areas, our decking options come in Merbau, Pine, and composite materials. Choose from a variety of oil and stain finishes to complement your surrounding landscapes. Additionally, enhance the ambiance with optional LED decking lighting.

Landscape Drainage Solutions

Are you grappling with backyard drainage issues? Overland flow, stormwater problems, and waterlogged areas can pose significant challenges. Proper consideration and implementation of landscape drainage are crucial. Given Queensland’s subtropical climate and unpredictable weather patterns, insufficient drainage in your garden can lead to flooding or waterlogged sections. Instant Greenscene Landscaping, your Brisbane landscapers, provides a range of practical drainage solutions, encompassing both surface and sub-surface landscape drainage options.


Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting – Brisbane landscapers Instant Greenscene presents a selection of outdoor lighting solutions to accentuate your new or current landscape. Our outdoor garden lighting options comprise deck lighting, garden spotlights, bollards, step lights, and more. With contemporary LED garden lighting, enjoy efficiency, reliability, and the convenience of full automation.

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Instant Greenscene, Brisbane’s seasoned landscapers, bring 25 years of expertise to your landscaping needs, approaching your investment with utmost dedication.

Thoughtfully designed and meticulously executed landscape projects yield significant returns on your investment. Conversely, poorly executed DIY projects can diminish property value. At Instant Greenscene, every project begins with an onsite consultation. This initial step allows us to comprehensively grasp your requirements, ensuring ample time for detailed discussions about the investment in your new landscape.

What is the cost of landscaping? A pragmatic approach to professional landscaping

Typically, a realistic estimate for landscaping costs falls within the range of 5% to 15% of the total property value. These figures are general guidelines and may vary based on the specifics of each project.

  • 5% encompasses soft landscaping, including turf and garden beds, featuring horticulturally based design with minimal earthworks.
  • 10% allows for the incorporation of limited structural works alongside soft landscaping elements. Structural components may involve features such as retaining walls, paving, decking, drainage systems, landscape lighting, and irrigation.
  • 15% typically applies to projects with higher volumes of structural elements combined with soft landscaping works. This may be relevant for larger properties or projects requiring significant earthworks.

Our landscape projects typically fall within the range of $30,000 to $150,000, depending on the size and unique requirements of each project.

What advantages does landscaping offer?

Landscaping your property yields numerous benefits, encompassing both aesthetic enhancements and practical advantages. Practical landscape solutions encompass features like landscape drainage, automated irrigation, and garden lighting. Our proficient landscape drainage and irrigation systems guarantee a low-maintenance yard, usable year-round in the diverse weather patterns of South East Queensland. Implementing garden lighting not only transforms your outdoor space into a functional area after dark but also enhances safety and adds ambiance to your landscape. Additionally, landscaping serves as a valuable investment in your property, creating a space for your family to enjoy.

Can my property value increase with a new landscape?

Thoughtfully planned landscapes can indeed enhance property value. Our expertise indicates that the most significant returns on landscaping investments often come from two key areas: ‘Street appeal’ and ‘Entertainment spaces.’ While these areas may absorb a substantial portion of your landscape budget, they typically yield the highest returns on investment.

How do I begin with my new landscaping project?

Instant Greenscene provides onsite consultations for landscape design, guidance, and pricing for your upcoming landscape project. For those seeking assistance with their own DIY landscape projects, we also offer consultations to provide ideas and advice.

Based on 34 reviews
Alison 'Kimi' Kimble
Alison 'Kimi' Kimble
22 March 2024
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Peter and Mel have done a fabulous job on our landscaping. It has been much admired by the neighbours. They consulted with us at every step and were willing to change direction if we wanted to take a different approach. They left the paving spotless at the end of each day and the whole process ran far more smoothly than we had anticipated. We have no hesitation in recommending them.
Cath C
Cath C
22 February 2024
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Outstanding customer service!
Jade Guthrie
Jade Guthrie
12 December 2023
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Great work, wonderful communication every step of the way always knew what was happening and why. Would highly recommend.
Graeme Christieson
Graeme Christieson
14 November 2023
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Our experience with Peter and Mel from the initial point of contact to the completion of our landscaping project has been nothing short of exceptional. Their professionalism combined with a warm and personable approach made the entire process a pleasure from start to finish. Right from our first meeting, Peter and Mel took the time to understand our vision, offering valuable insights and suggestions that showcased their expertise. What sets them apart is their ability to seamlessly blend professionalism with a personal touch, creating a comfortable and collaborative atmosphere. Throughout the project, Peter, Justin, and Mel demonstrated unparalleled dedication to their craft. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence were evident at every stage. No request was too small, and they handled every aspect of the project with a can-do attitude. The final result was precisely what we had envisioned and agreed upon, a testament to their skill and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Peter, Justin, and Mel's work is truly second to none. The quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail they brought to our landscaping project exceeded our expectations. The transformation of our outdoor space is a testament to their expertise and passion for creating beautiful and functional landscapes. What truly sets this team apart is their approachability and willingness to address any concerns or questions that arose during the project. Their communication was clear, and they kept us informed at every step, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience. In conclusion, we wholeheartedly recommend Peter, Mel, and Justin for anyone seeking not only top-notch landscaping services but also a team that values the client experience. Their professionalism, personable approach, and outstanding results make them a standout choice for anyone looking to transform their outdoor space. We are thrilled with the final product and grateful for the positive experience working with this talented team.
Angelo Casal
Angelo Casal
13 October 2023
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I had a draining issue in my back yard. Water would not escape into the provided drains and the builder landscaping did not take into account water run offs from other properties. I called Peter and explained my situation. He immediately understood what was going on. This understanding resonated with me as someone with experience in how to deal with the issue. From the quote to the completion of works, Peter and his team did an excellent job from communication through to delivery. I am impressed with the quality and care taken throughout the build process. I am looking forward to it raining to see the end result in action! If you want a quality job with your landscaping or drainage issue with an experienced team look no further.
Kim Thompson
Kim Thompson
16 August 2023
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Do yourself a favour. Look no further than Instant Greenscene Landscaping for your landscaping projects. From initial contact through to project completion, Peter, Mel and Justin provide an amazingly professional and knowledgeable service. Our complex situation, above ground and below ground, was transformed magnificently with meticulous care and dedication. A+ for comms, diligence, quality, etc. :-)
Annette Nugent
Annette Nugent
9 May 2023
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Peter, Melanie and Justin were A1 from start to finish. Obvious pride in their work and rightly so. They did a great job for us. If there was 6 star option, they would get it. Greg and Annette .
Gary Townsend
Gary Townsend
21 April 2023
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Peter and Melanie are great to deal with. Our Job was unusual Peter made it so smooth and seamless with other trades involved. Peter also offered alternative approaches which not only saved on cost but enhanced the overall finish. Great business thy will be doing our next project shortly. Highly recommend.
Yutong Lin
Yutong Lin
30 March 2023
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
We had some drainage issue in our backyard, and would always get flooded in the storm season. Thanks to Peter, Mel and Justin, no more puddles in our backyard when it rains now. Peter is very knowledgeable in landscaping and has given me a lot of information and advice. The communication is easy and straightforward. The work was done in a professional manner with attention to details. Highly recommended!
Michael Lee
Michael Lee
17 October 2022
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Our back yard had a flooding issue. After two plumbing attempts we decided to try a landscaping solution. The result is amazing. Grass choice is perfect for the shaded side of the house. Peter also installed a small retaining wall on a raised garden. I would definitely use Instant Greenscene again.