Sir Walter Buffalo Turf Brisbane - Sunshine Coast - Gold Coast


$10.90 m2

SIR WALTER BUFFALO TURF – Brisbane | Sunshine Coast | Gold Coast

Sir Walter Buffalo Turf – Brisbane | Sunshine Coast | Gold Coast – ON SALE NOW!!! Special $10.90m2 order over 50m2. ** Limited time only, delivery $99 inc GST , 2% credit card fee applies

  • Sir Walter buffalo has a thick vigorous root system which allows it to access moisture and nutrients in the soil very efficiently. It also allows it to tolerate heavy traffic areas and reduce weed infestation.
  • Sir Walter thrives in full sun however only requires 2-3 hours sunlight to survive. This makes it one of the most shade tolerant turf varieties available.
  • It maintains color in winter more than couches
  • Sir Walter Turf is low in maintenance eg. less watering, mowing, fertilising etc.
  • A Sir Walter Buffalo lawn self repairs
  • A Sir Walter Lawn is herbicide tolerant.
  • It is frost tolerant and fungus resistant
  • Sir Walter Turf is an all year round grass that looks great and costs less time.
  • Sir Walter is a Drought Resistant and Shade Tolerant Turf
  • Grows well in clay and sandy soils
Sir Walter Buffalo turf lawn launcher - Brisbane | Sunshine Coast | Gold Coast

Sir Launcher Starter Fertiliser – 3 kg (Treats 100m²)

$44.00 each

Sir Launcher is the ideal starter fertiliser. The combination of high quality fertiliser and moisture magnet water crystals, will ensure a great start for your new Sir Walter lawn


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Sir Walter Buffalo turf - Brisbane | Sunshine Coast | Gold Coast

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